Frequently Asked Questions

What is the objective of Training program ?

Exploring different enterprise, Entrepreneurship development prog and Basics of agriculture, Enhancing technical knowledge around the selected enterprise, Mapping feasibility.

What are the eligibility criteria to join the AE training and assessment platform ?

Candidates from project blocks with minimum education qualification of Std 10, Std 9th in case of women, ST and SC candidates, along with recommendation from CBOs like PG, GPLF, LAMPS can apply for registering to the platform.

What purpose the learning and assessment platforms serves for a selected AE ?

The selected AEs would register over the learning and assessment platform to access the seamless access to training materials after completion of each training session. They would also access intermediary assessment cycles to graduate to later stages of training. They would able to get notification with respect to their training and assessment cycles. Hence the platform can become a training repository for the AEs available in both online and offline mode.

What is the frequency of classes of AEs ?

It is once a week or fortnight. Each class is associated with intermediate exercise and assessment which AEs need to go through to graduate to further sessions.

What would be the mode of training ?

Participatory and Field experience-based training.

How can and AE clear his/her doubts instantly during the online class ?

While classed will be conducted on Google meet or Zoom platforms, AE can directly interact with Resource persons or raise a query through chat. Resource persons would address it there. The learning aids available over the app and time to time learning and assessment requirements wrt to AEs will be notified though notifications in app and SMS services.

Are the classes/materials free ?

Yes, the classes are free. Though, it is limited to the registered members of the platform only.

Can we choose the timing of the classes ?

No. The session plan is notified in advance to the AEs through notifications. AE need to attend it accordingly. Only the materials used doing the online traning can be accessed by AEs through their personal login feature in the app.

Can we choose the timing of the assessment ?

Yes. AE can choose timing for assessment but it would in sync with the notifications regarding assessment completion deadline notified time to time in the AEs login feature.

Will the Resource persons also help in intermediary assignment and exercises ?

The resource person would only attend to doubts during the online classes. Rest of the time AEs can reach to their mentors in block along with Block resource persons to clear any doubt and confusions with respect to assignment and exercises.

Can an AE access to training materials of all trades ?

No the AE can only access the materials, assessment and notification feature for their chosen trades after the access allowed to them only after required verification done by the administrators of the platform for allowing the AEs access.

Does the learning and assessment platform replace a need of attending physical or online trainings for a AE ?

No it only supplements the online/physical classes by acting as a knowledge repository for the AEs. Mere registering and accessing the materials and assessment features over the platform does not make AE eligible for training certification and becoming a bonafide member of AE hub services.

Who is the resource person in the training ?

Resource person are experts in the field of various trades and experience entrepreneurs who would be available for the online /physical traning session.

Who is AE mentor ?

AE mentors are the persons designated the NGOs in the blocks to provide training support to AE.

Who is Block Resource Person ?

Block Resource Persons are persons placed at block level, who work in close association of AE hub and provides AEs handholding and business development supports.

What are the trades of training ?

The trainings broadly include general agriculture services, Seed production, Mushroom Spawn Production, Goat, Poultry and Fishery enterprises.

What are the post training activities ?

After successful completion of training, AEs will be incubated for linkages with different schemes of Government and licensing will be done. Facilitation of financial linkages will be done as per the need.